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Since 1960 till date the restaurant is running in Kaiserbagh Avenue near Gymkhana Club. In 1966 Sakhawat Ali went to Saudi Arab for 'HAJ' (Holy Pilgrimage), there he met Indian Ambassador Mr. M.I Kidwai, who belonged to Barabanki district. Both developed good relations with each other.

Mr. Kidwai had to give a party to the King of Saudi Arab and hence our father handled food of the party. The king appreciated the Lucknawi cuisine a lot and asked Mr. Kidwai that my father will prepare the food the king. When Mr. Kidwai put the proposal of the king in front of my father adding that he can summon anybody else from India, Sakhawat Ali, my father refused, he said that my homeland India has enough people to respect him and his talent and after that he came back to India.

After the death of my father on 30 July,1997 Mr. Mushtak Ali shouldered the responsibility of running the restaurant.Mushtak Ali was specially invited on November 9, 2000 by the culinary Institute Of America. He was also invited for the third Annual World Of Flavor International Conference, East Asia. Restaurant is capable of offering 72 types of Dishes within a week.

The timing of the restaurant is 5:00 PM to 10:00 PM with Tuesday being the holiday. Our dish of 'Kababs' is famous even in foreign countries. Our customers are loyal to us and they even know on which day what dish is there. As the cooks of our restaurant are 'Pushtaini' so are our customers.

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Bater Musallam Bater Roghan Josh Bater Khada Masala Bater Kali Mirch Chikan Dry Chikan Kali Mirch Chikan Butter Chikan Pasanda Chikan Musallam Chikan Mewa Bhara
Chikan Anda Bhara Chikan Tikka Chikan Seenk Kawab Chikan Afgani Chikan Biryani Chikan Kari Chikan Rogen Josh Chikan Khara Masala Chikan Labe Masook Chikan Masala
Chikan Biryani Satrangi Chikan Sabz Deg Chikan Salan Chikan Gola Kawab Chikan Booti Kawab Chikan Galawat Kawab Chikan Shamee Kawab Chikan Galawati Kawab Chikan Nahari Chikan Ban Gosh
Matan Shami Kawab Matan Mumtaz Kawab Matan Booti Kawab Matan Pasanda Kawab Matan Kakori Kawab Matan Galawti Kawab Matan Galawat Kawab Matan Pasanda Kari Matan Kathi Rosted Matan Gola Kawab
Matan Biryani Kashmiri Kofta Kalla Pulao Kali Gazar Halwa Anda Roti Nargisi Kofta Daryayi Kofta Plate Kofta Matan Maythee Goli Matan Korma
Matan Roghan Josh Tamatar Goli Matan Kadhai Matan Ran Musallam Matan Ran Tandoori Matan Khada Masala Matan Sabz Deg Matan Kali Mirch Matan Aaloo Salan Palak Gosht
Laoki Gosht Keema Palak Saljam Gosht Turai Gosht Kathal Biryani(Non Veg) Handi Chikan Matan Handi Tashkand Kawab Zarda Rice (Sweet Dish) Matan Mutanjan(Sweet Dish)
Shahi Tukda Gulatthi Shahi Kheer Paratha Roomali Sheermaal Kulcha & Bakarkhani Mughlai Roti Roomali Roti Fish Musallam
Fish Kawab Fish Kari Fish Khatti Fish Methi Fish Mughlai Kawab Fry Fish Fish Masala Fish Biryani Bater Methi Rayta Kai Kism Ka

Open Seven days a week timing : 10:00 am till 11:00 pm



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